London escorts know that when on booking the most important thing is to stroke a companions ego.


London escorts have been known for their beautiful looks and fantastic personality, yet you never know that these ladies knew how to handle their clients very well. They have this strategy to make their client feels comfortable when on a booking session. For a man who has a huge ego, you would be amazed how this London escort can do to you. Most men have a higher ego than a woman; men tend to be hard and masculine, what they had in mind will always to be followed. They are the ones who always lead and do the decision making. And that was we used to be.


I have always been had this high pride in me, my family, relatives, and friends know me well. Nobody can make a joke with me quickly, I get frustrated when I don’t like the subject. Even it’s my fault I won’t bow down to anyone to apologize, for me its a sign of being weak. But then I realize that behavior does not work to everyone, I feel embarrassed to myself when I met my match, someone who taught me that having a high ego is a bad thing, and it doesn’t make you feel good.


I can’t control myself whenever I am pissed, I will say anything I want, I don’t care who you are, or we just met. It was a great idea to book a London escort because it made me realize that I should have change for a better. Being a man doesn’t make you weak when you know to lower your ego sometime. You have to be mature enough to understand what is right and do what is appropriate. I am thankful that a London escort helped me realize that, and figure out myself too.


I decided to leave for two weeks since I am stressed from a load of works and thought of going to London. We knew how beautiful London is, from parks, museums, malls, restaurants, etc. There are lots of places to go around London, and I love the place so much that it’s very relaxing and I never felt better than this. While walking around the streets, a man approaches me to take a photo of them, I thought they are a couple, but then I was surprised to know that she is with a London Escort. The woman is sure beautiful; I am amazed at her looks. Her natural looks can captivate a man. When the man, get his camera and thanked me for the photo, he whispered to me that I should have booked a London escort with myself.


Later that day, I keep thinking about London escort, I’ve done some research first and I’ve read all positive with a London escort. So, I decided to call a London escort agency and book Jessica. According to them, Jessica is one of the demand ladies in London escort.


So, we decided to meet at 6 in the evening that day. I went to the place where we agreed, but she is still not there. I almost lost my patience waiting for nearly an hour to her, and that’s made me angry. When she came, I don’t want to talk to her, she keeps asking sorry, but I am in a bad mood. We are so silent in the car until she shouts “stop the car,” at first I didn’t mind her until she screams again. I stop the car, and she looks me into the eyes. I also had listen to her, and she starts to say these opening words to me like my behavior is not good and should have to change it. She taught me manners, and how to longer patience. She helps me realize to understand that reasons should be balanced first before reacting, I should know where to put my madness. And after all those words said to me, she said goodbye,  but before she left the car, I say sorry to her. Perhaps I am selfish and not hear her reasons; her mother was rushed to the hospital that’s why she is late. I lower my pride and own my mistake. It was the first time I did something like this, and it’s a great feeling. I become soft-hearted because of London escorts know that when on a booking the most important thing is to stroke a companions ego